Mollet Eggs

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9 m
Calories: 65
1 person

Making these mollet eggs is so easy that you'll be amazed! You only need one ingredient: the egg; the rest is just boiling water. Chef Vanesa from Aranda Training introduces us to the latest gastronomy trends in a simple way. If you love easy egg recipes, don't miss out on this one about mollet eggs.

Mollet Eggs: Light and gourmet

A mollet egg is a true delicacy, soft on the outside with a very runny yolk, ideal for breakfast or to add to any recipe from purées to fish. It doesn't require a drop of oil, so it only provides the calories from the egg itself. A medium-sized egg contains about 65 calories. If you're unsure about preparing eggs, one of the keys is the cooking time; keep in mind it's short, between 4-6 minutes, and if overdone, they won't turn out right. We'll share tips to ensure they're perfect; it's super easy!

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Ingredients for Mollet-Egg for 1 person

  • Water - enough to boil
  • Room temperature egg - 1 unit

How to make the recipe Mollet-Egg

  1. To make this egg, it should be at room temperature. Take it out of the fridge a little in advance; if it's too cold and placed in boiling water, the shell might break. Bring water to a boil in a pot.
  2. Place the egg in a small colander or with a spatula and gently lower it into the boiling water. The cooking time is easy and varies based on the size of the egg. For a small or medium egg, cook for 4 minutes. For a large egg, it's 5 minutes, and for an extra-large egg, it's 6 minutes. Before making this recipe, just be sure of your egg's size; it's that simple!
  3. Once the cooking time is up, remove the egg and place it in a glass of cold water. This is done to halt the cooking process. When it contacts cold water, the egg will stop cooking. Otherwise, if placed on a plate, the shell and inside remain very hot (you'll notice if you touch them).
  4. When presenting the dish, make a small cut with a knife to let the yolk out.

Notes and Tips

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