Easy Japanese Mochi

Easy Japanese Mochi

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1 h
Calories: 110
4 people

Mochi is a traditional rice flour cake that is available in China, although its origin is unknown, it may have emerged during Japan's Heian period (794-1185). In the 10th century, mochi was used as an imperial offering in religious ceremonies. This is one of the most famous Japanese desserts, and Asia is an important culinary center, such as its Chinese food, which goes beyond spring rolls or three delights rice.

Traditional mochi in Chinese and Japanese New Year celebrations

Traditional mochi in Chinese and Japanese New Year Several theories explain that the term derives from the verb 'motsu,' which translates as 'to hold.' It seems that Japanese farmers ate mochi on cold winter days to increase their endurance, just like samurais who also carried these sweets with them.

Mochi Rice cakes are not exclusive to China; they are also prepared in the Philippines, Laos, and Thailand. They are made with glutinous rice, then molded and coated with flour. In China, they are traditional during the Chinese New Year period. Kagami mochi is another specialty of these cakes, traditional in the Japanese New Year, it began to be prepared between the 14th and 16th centuries, and its name 'kagami' translates as a mirror.

Ingredients to prepare Japanese mochi for 4 people

For the mochi

  • 200 g of rice flour
  • 240 ml of water
  • 250 g of sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • Food coloring (blue, green, pink)

For the filling

  • 250 g of white beans
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 120 g of sugar
  • 60 g of powdered sugar

How to make the recipe Easy Japanese Mochi

  1. The original recipe contains ingredients that are not easy to find, such as anko (also known as red bean paste) or green tea powder. This recipe is based on the Japanese mochi but with ingredients that are easy to find in Spain. So firstly, the filling has to be prepared one day prior since it has to be prepared with beans that have been soaked for 12 hours. Then, drain them and place them in a pressure cooker, covered with water and add 3 tablespoons of sugar. Cook for 35 minutes. Let it settle once the cooking is finished.
  2. Mash the white beans and mix them with the remaining sugar. Let it settle in the refrigerator for at least five hours. The next day we will make the topping of the filling.
  3. Mochi preparation: Sift the flour with a strainer. Heat the water in a saucepan and gradually add the flour while stirring continuously. Then, add the sugar and cook for 15 minutes without stopping stirring until you obtain a dense dough.
  4. Turn off the heat, remove the dough, and let it settle for an hour. Divide the dough according to the desired colors (for example, into three parts if you want three colors) and add food coloring to each portion of dough. Let it settle, covering it with plastic wrap.
  5. Assembling the mochi: Retrieve the filling you made earlier from the refrigerator. Cover the filling with the colored dough you have in the separate containers and sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

Notes and Tips

If you prefer, you can use matcha green tea powder as coloring, which can be found in supermarkets.

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