Grilled Cardoon Mushrooms

Grilled Cardoon Mushrooms

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15 m
Calories: 24
2 people

Cardoon mushrooms are among the most popular and versatile fungi in cuisine due to their easy preparation. This time, we're grilling them, a dish that I suggest you pair with some delicious grilled wild asparagus. If you prefer, you can substitute the mushrooms with other fungi, such as filling champignons with serrano ham and grilling them, or even using them in a delicious Lentil Stew with Mushrooms.

Ingredients for Grilled Cardoon Mushrooms for 2 people

  • 500 grams of cardoon mushrooms
  • A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • Coarse salt - optional

How to make the recipe Grilled Cardoon Mushrooms

  1. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly to remove impurities, and let them drain well separately. Heat the grill and drizzle some oil. Once hot, place the mushrooms on the grill surface.
  2. Keep them in this position for around 5 minutes. However, this time is always approximate as it depends on the thickness of each mushroom. To help, you can turn each one over and leave those that need a little more time.
  3. Once turned over, we'll do the same as the previous step, but this time for less time as they'll be ready soon. Enjoy!

Notes and Tips

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