Honey Ribs

Honey Ribs

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1 hours y 50 minutes
Calories: 193
2 people

Incredible honey-glazed ribs recipe, a new addition to our vast collection of rib recipes! This time, we've baked them with a sauce made primarily of honey and other ingredients. The result is a delicious dish that will surprise you with its pleasant contrast of flavors. If you like this type of meat, don't miss our recipes for BBQ ribs and chimichurri ribs.

Today's recipe is structured with those who barely have time to cook in mind, however, we recommend that if you can afford it, let the meat marinate for several hours in the honey sauce. Ideally, leave it from one day to the next. If it is hot in your kitchen, it's best to put it in a bowl covered with film and put it in the fridge. Take it out every one or two hours to stir it and let the different ingredients that make up the marinade penetrate the entire meat.

If you can get good rosemary honey, use it, because the result will be doubly spectacular. Similarly, if you have the opportunity to use fresh herbs, do not hesitate, the flavor and aroma they transmit to food is much higher than that achieved with dried herbs. We encourage you to get a small collection of plants, having a window box with various aromatic herbs is within anyone's reach.

Ingredients for Honey Ribs for 2 people

  • Pork ribs - 500 grams
  • Carrot - 2 units
  • Potato - 3 units
  • Honey - 100 grams
  • Garlic cloves - 3 units
  • Olive oil - 4 tablespoons
  • Salt - to taste
  • Black pepper - to taste
  • Soy sauce - 1 large tablespoon
  • White wine - 50 grams
  • Water - 50 grams
  • Oregano - 1 small tablespoon

How to make the recipe Honey Ribs

  1. First, peel the garlic cloves. Set them aside. With the help of a peeler, remove the skin from the potatoes and cut them into large cubes. set them aside as well.
  2. Also peel the carrots and cut them into pieces approximately the same size as the potatoes, in this way, the cooking of both ingredients will be carried out uniformly.
  3. Put the garlic, oregano, ground pepper and salt in the mortar. With the help of the mace, crush all the ingredients until they are as fine as you can.
  4. Next, pour the white wine, water, soy sauce and honey into the mortar. Mix well with the help of a whisk.
  5. Cut the rib rack into several pieces so that they fit in the baking dish. Preheat the oven to 356ºF.
  6. Put a little olive oil at the base of the dish and place the pieces of meat on top. With the help of a spoon, spread a little of the honey sauce over the meat. With a kitchen brush, brush the meat all over.
  7. Next, distribute the potatoes and carrots, without covering the meat, and put a little more sauce on the vegetables.
  8. Cover the dish with a piece of aluminum foil. Take to the oven and bake at 356º F for 1 hour. After the programmed time, remove the dish, remove the aluminum foil, water the meat with the juices and return to the oven (without the paper). Bake for 30 more minutes or until the meat is browned
  9. Every 10 minutes take the dish out of the oven and water the meat with the juices, this way you will get a nice golden color. Once the meat is ready, take the dish out of the oven and serve immediately.

Notes and Tips

If you liked this recipe don't forget to check other rib recipes available on this website. See you soon Foodies!

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