How to Make Caipirinha

How to make caipirinha

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Calories: 190
1 person

Have you tried the original caipirinha cocktail, the Brazilian recipe? With just three ingredients, and a super refreshing citrus taste. It's Brazil's national cocktail and is easily prepared. In another article from Homemade Kitchen, we made the White Russian cocktail; today, it's the caipirinha.

The history of the caipirinha

We know that Cachaça has been in Brazil since 1500, but when did the caipirinha or caipiriña emerge? There are several theories explaining its origin: one suggests that the drink emerged in 1918 in Piracicaba, Brazil. It was prepared with honey, garlic, and lemon, for medicinal purposes to invigorate flu patients (honey and lemon are still used for colds today). In these flu remedies, it was common to add liqueurs and brandies. One day someone spontaneously prepared the mix with lime, cachaça liquor, and cane sugar, and thus the caipirinha was born.

Over time, the drink spread throughout Brazil, and from 1922 it also became popular outside Brazil. That year, this drink was served at an international event called Modern Art Week, attended by European artists, including those from France who took the recipe back to Europe.

Despite its popularity, it wasn't until relatively recently—in 2003—when this drink was proclaimed Brazil's official beverage. At this time, Lula da Silva approved a law to make this cocktail the national drink.

Ingredients for How to Make Caipirinha for 1 person

  • Cachaça brandy – 50 ml
  • Lime – ½ unit
  • Brown sugar – 2 teaspoons

How to make the recipe How to Make Caipirinha

  1. Cut the lime into pieces and add it to the glass. Sprinkle the two teaspoons of sugar, add the brandy, and muddle the lime against the bottom of the glass with a pestle. Add ice.
  2. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Notes and Tips

Lime and lemon are both citrus fruits, but their taste is not exactly the same. Lemons have a more acidic flavor, while limes have a sweeter and more aromatic taste. Did you like the recipe?

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