Oven-Roasted Lambs

Oven-Roasted Lambs

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1 hours y 10 minutes
Calories: 266
4 people

Oven-roasted lamb or goat heads are a typical offal meat recipe, very widespread around the world. Used in Spanish, French, German, and Latin American cuisine as well as in Middle Eastern countries.

In this case, the heads come cut in half, so we have two faces for each profile. Generally, when you buy them, you can ask the butcher to remove the animal's eye, but if you are a fan of this dish, I recommend you try it, its taste will surprise you.

The strong point perhaps lies in the brains, we will pay attention to this point and we will pamper them by covering them with breadcrumbs, garlic, salt, and a splash of olive oil.

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Ingredients for Oven-Roasted Lambs for 4 people

  • Lamb heads - 2 units
  • Onion - 1 unit
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • Breadcrumbs - 2 tablespoons
  • White wine - 1 glass
  • Water - 1 glass
  • Extra virgin olive oil - 1 splash
  • Salt - to taste

How to make the recipe Oven-Roasted Lambs

  1. Wash the lamb heads under the tap with great care not to damage or crumble the part of the brains which is very fragile. Make a bed of onions in the baking dish, salt the heads on both sides and place them on top. Put the bay leaves and pour the glass of white wine and the water.
  2. Next, prepare the area of the brains: sprinkle a little breadcrumbs on top and on this the chopped garlic. Heat a little oil in a small pan and pour a stream over the brains in each of the heads. This will give them a more flavorful texture when roasting.
  3. Pre-heat the oven and when it is ready we introduce the tray for 1 hour at 428º heat up and down. We should not turn them over, just let them cook and check it as the time approaches. If you see that they are very dry you can add another glass of white wine.

Notes and Tips

You can accompany this dish with a small vegetable stew, poor potatoes, even salads or a small portion of grated carrot. Perfect dish to have with a quality red wine.

I hope you like this simple recipe. Enjoy your meal!

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