Strawberry Gazpacho

Strawberry Gazpacho

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10 m
Calories: 35
4 people

Hello, Foodies! Today we want to show you how to prepare a strawberry gazpacho with a very simple recipe that won't take much of your time. We know that strawberries are one of your favorite fruits and that's why we want you to enjoy them, not just in their natural state. The season starts in January, so we encourage you to save this recipe so you can repeat it as many times as you want in the upcoming months.

Although gazpacho is typically associated with summer, the truth is that we can also enjoy it at room temperature during the cold months. The same goes for other soup recipes, like ajoblanco or beet salmorejo. The seasonality of the main ingredients in these two recipes and in the strawberry gazpacho is not limited to the summer months, so we can take advantage of them to incorporate them into soups and enjoy them as a first course.

Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables allows us to enjoy their full flavor because they have been harvested at the optimal time. This is possible because they are also local products, meaning they don't have to travel thousands of kilometers in refrigerated compartments. This also reduces the environmental cost.

All of this helps to keep the price cheaper, as it reduces the costs of using pesticides for their preservation, packaging, and transportation. Additionally, the fewer people involved in the food selling process, the cheaper the products will be.

Strawberry gazpacho is an economical and very healthy dish. It is a low-calorie fruit, which has excellent health properties. Among them stand out its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, as well as its high fiber content.

And as you'll see next, its preparation could not be simpler. In 10 minutes, you'll have this delicious dish ready. Want to see how it's done? Follow our steps.

Ingredients for Strawberry Gazpacho for 4 people

  • Vine or pear tomatoes - 700 gr.
  • Strawberries - 300 gr.
  • Cucumber - 1 unit
  • Green pepper - Half a unit
  • Garlic clove - 1 unit
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 45 ml.
  • Apple Vinegar - 30 ml.
  • Salt - 15 gr.

How to make the recipe Strawberry Gazpacho

  1. Before starting the preparation, we will wash all the fruits and vegetables well. Next, we will prepare each of the ingredients. The first thing we will do is remove the cores from the tomatoes and cut them into several pieces. Then, we will cut the stems off the strawberries and chop them. We will also peel the cucumber and cut it into pieces. We will clean the pepper of seeds and cut half of it into little pieces. We will peel the garlic, remove the germ, chop it, and add it to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Once we have everything cut, we will introduce it into a blender and let it blend for a few minutes until it's as smooth as possible. We add the salt, apple vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. When dressing it, we recommend you do it at the end of blending so you can adjust the salt to your taste once everything is integrated.
  3. When we have all the ingredients well blended, we will pass the mixture through a strainer, helping ourselves with a ladle to filter out the strawberry seeds and tomato skin remains.

Notes and Tips

To serve the strawberry gazpacho, you can use bowls or small glasses. As a topping, you can add little pieces of cucumber and strawberries.

Keep in mind that for the preparation of this recipe, you can vary the quantities of the ingredients to your liking and depending on the number of diners.

Isn't the preparation of this strawberry gazpacho easy? If you liked the recipe, let us know through the comments and share it with your foodie friends and relatives.

Cooking for yourself is always healthier and by following the steps in our recipes, they will always turn out well.

See you soon, Foodies!

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