Traditional Condensed Milk Flan

Traditional Condensed Milk Flan

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1 hours y 20 minutes
Calories: 420
2 people

Welcome to dessert heaven - Condensed Milk Flan. A homemade delicacy! If you're aiming for applause, this recipe is spectacular and easy to make! Among the most classic dessert recipes, flans stand out for their silky texture and the sweetness of caramel. This variant of flan has more body than a conventional one, it melts in your mouth and you can prepare it in the traditional way or as a condensed milk flan in the microwave (faster but also delicious).  On this website, we tell you how to prepare a delicious flan.

Ingredients for traditional Condensed Milk Flan for 2 people

For the Flan

  • Condensed milk – a can of 370 g
  • Eggs – 4 units
  • Warm water – 480 ml or 2 cups
  • Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon

For the caramel

  • Sugar - 125 g
  • Water - 3 teaspoons
  • Lemon juice – 2 teaspoons

How to make the recipe Traditional Condensed Milk Flan

  1. We start by making the caramel. We add dry sugar to a pan, and stir with a spoon, until it starts to melt. We don't add any liquid as it could crystallize if we did. We continue stirring and when it starts to turn slightly 'blond', which can take about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and first add a tablespoon of water and stir, then the other two and continue stirring and finally the lemon juice. Mix well and pour over the mold.
  2. It is important to note that the darker the caramel, the more bitter it will be. Some people like slightly bitter caramel. However, the ideal point is for it to be slightly blond, or light brown.
  3. In a bowl we add the four eggs and the condensed milk. We incorporate the warm water and the teaspoon of vanilla. Mix with the kitchen whisks to emulsify the ingredients. Beat for a few seconds to make sure everything is well combined. Strain the flan result with the help of a strainer to make it finer (sometimes when beating the egg a kind of foam is left), with a strainer we will get a perfect texture.
  4. Preheat the oven to 248 degrees Farenheit, to cook the flan we will do it in a 'water bath'. Prepare a tray or container with water, cover the flan mold with aluminum foil (to prevent it from forming a crust). Introduce the flan into the container with water. Not much water is needed, only to reach half of the flan mold. A trick is to place the mold in the center of the container and in the oven, and add the water when we already have the flan inside to prevent it from spilling.
  5. Program at 248 degrees Farenheit for an hour. The water bath is somewhat slow since we are cooking at a low temperature of 248 degrees Farenheit and that is why the cooking is prolonged but believe me, the result will be worth it.
  6. You will know that it is curdling when you move the mold, if time passes and you think it is not curdling, do not worry, it will happen sooner or later but do not raise the oven temperature.
  7. Once it has curdled you will know it right away when you move it. We take it out of the oven and let it cool. Once at room temperature, refrigerate for at least 4 hours before unmolding.
  8. To unmold the condensed milk flan, heat a glass with a little water, insert a knife into the hot water so that the edge acquires temperature. Introduce the knife by the edge of the flan and circle it. Take out the knife and put it back in the hot water and continue circling the flan. With this trick, it will come off easily.
  9. However, there is still another phase to unmold without breaking the flan. Shake the mold with both hands to see if the flan moves from one side to another or is still quite 'stuck' to the bottom. If this happens (something quite normal due to the caramel), turn the heat to the minimum and place the flan mold directly on the fire. The heat will act on the caramel and it will be much easier for the flan to unmold without problems. Another option is to add very hot water to a container and place the flan mold inside.
  10. Let it rest for a few minutes. Then move the mold again with both hands and see if the flan has already released and moves when shaking. If so, put a large plate on top and flip it over. Voila, our condensed milk flan is ready!

Notes and Tips

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