Bechamel Sauce or White Sauce

Bechamel Sauce or White Sauce Recipe

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35 m
Calories: 120
4 people

Today we're going to teach you how to make homemade Bechamel, one of the five main basic sauces. The recipe we're giving you is very easy to make and we're sure we'll get it to be creamy and smooth.

Bechamel sauce is considered a mother sauce, the base of many other sauce recipes. It can be used to thicken the cooking juices of stews and roasts to turn them into creamy sauces. It is also used to give a smooth and creamy finish, for example to the mushroom cream, asparagus or spinach, among others.

It is a white, rather thick sauce, whose use has become popular over the years. You can also use it to top dishes that contain vegetables, such as spinach gratin with bechamel, pastas like meat cannelloni with tomato and bechamel or the classic French bechamel sandwich, known as Croque Monsieur.

The homemade bechamel has multiple variations. Although the recipe itself has not been greatly modified, new ingredients have been incorporated to enrich its flavor. Some recipes include cheese, all kinds of meats, vegetables, and even fish, in addition to onion. Especially when it comes to making bechamel for croquettes.

Another variation is to make it with corn flour instead of wheat flour, so that it becomes a gluten-free bechamel for celiacs.

As you can see, there are many recipes you can make with this sauce. You just have to follow the 3 simple steps we explain below.

Ingredients for Bechamel Sauce or White Sauce for 4 people

  • Milk - 1 liter
  • Flour - 70 gr.
  • Butter - 70 gr.
  • Onion - Half unit
  • Salt - 10 gr.
  • White pepper - 10 gr.

How to make the recipe Bechamel Sauce or White Sauce

  1. We start by infusing the liter of milk and the onion in a saucepan. When it begins to boil, remove and reserve for later.
  2. In a saucepan, melt the butter and when it is melted, add the flour, stir and let it cook a little. Before it gets too brown, add the milk, passing it through a strainer. Stir with a whisk, over medium heat and let it cook.
  3. We will see that the bechamel will thicken and when it has the desired texture, add the salt and white pepper to taste.

Notes and Tips

We can use this bechamel to make other dishes or put it in individual casseroles to eat directly.

You can decorate with a pinch of nutmeg to finally make it delicious.

We hope you liked the recipe. If so, let us know through the comments and help us spread it, sharing it through social networks with your cooking friends and family.

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